Be a test pilot on VAP Portland

Be a test pilot on The Virtual Arboretum Project in Portland (VAP Portland) from 1pm Saturday 28 March – 1 June 2015. If you have an iphone or smart phone and are into mobile technology come on down to the Portland Botanical Gardens, Portland, Victoria.

Four artists Sandra Winkworth (Sydney), Carmel Wallace (Portland), Colleen Hughson (Warrnambool) and Cat Bailey (Narrawong) have communed with the trees and plants in the Portland area, in particular the Portland Botanical Gardens and come up with some unique environmental, social and historical responses through installation, video and stop motion animation.

All you need to do is download a free app called the *QRreader onto your iphone or smart phone. Three QR codes have been placed around the Portland Botanical Gardens. The first is on the bottom of the map at the front of the Portland Botanical Gardens. The second is in the dahlia beds and the third is hanging in the tea trees in the native gardens.  Find and scan each QR code with the QR reader. Pop your feedback in the comments section below the imagery you are viewing on your phone or send us an email in the contacts section of the website.

*Note – the QR codes are in a variety of colours. As a consequence not all QR code scanner/reader apps work. The newest version of the QRreader has been found to be the most reliable on iphones so far.


#RAF #RAV #Virtualarboretum #virtualarboretumportland #Regionalartsfund


  1. I am hoping to be down to my birthplace in the next few weeks to catch up with family and meander around the region. I would love to check out the virtual arboretum! I am reasonably tech savvy, but who should I contact if I get stuck? Corinne 🙂


    1. You can contact me.0425375536. Make sure you download the QRreader app which is free. I decided to make pretty QR codes which means some QR scanners cannot read them. Its only a small pilot. Hope you enjoy the work. Cheers Catherine


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