qrcode in dahlia bed

Thank you

Thanks to the artists for producing the artwork for VAP Portland. You rock, Ladies.  Thanks also to everyone who is participating as a test pilot on VAP Portland. It was a lovely but overcast day in the Portland Botanical Gardens when the first of the test pilots arrived to see the artist’s interpretation of the area.

If you would like to participate all you need to do is download a free app called the *QRreader onto your iphone or smart phone. Three QR codes have been placed around the Portland Botanical Gardens. The first is on the bottom of the map at the front gates of the Portland Botanical Gardens. The second is in the dahlia beds and the third is hanging in the tea trees in the native gardens.  Find and scan each QR code with the QRreader and view the artwork made in response to the trees or flowers you are standing next to. Pop your feedback in the comments section below the imagery you are viewing on your phone or send us an email in the contacts section of the website.

*Note – the QR codes are in a variety of colours. As a consequence not all QR code scanner/reader apps work. The newest version of the QRreader has been found to be the most reliable on iphones so far.

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