about VAP

The Virtual Arboretum Project (VAP) is an ongoing responsive art project conceived and facilitated by artist Cat Bailey. VAP aims to bring people’s awareness to nature by utilising art as an engagement tool.

Innovative artworks crafted by local, national and international artists are incorporated into a virtual pathway, in both urban and regional environments. These artworks convey relevant environmental concepts, in a broader social and cultural landscape.

Engagement, by new and old audiences, facilitated through mobile phone technology, enables the artwork to be displayed temporarily or permanently.

This project was designed, in part, to promote artists as visionaries, innovators and providers of new perspectives and awarenesses to the layers of existence associated with plant and animal species we have within arms reach. It was also made as a virtual model for archiving both local botanical history and innovative artworks, through the artist’s response to place. Finally using mobile phone technology creates a virtual pathway across regions enabling a unique form of exploration and some useful information to travellers and locals alike.

The pilot project was initiated in Portland, Victoria, Australia


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